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Jungle Boys are medical marijuana growers based out of Los Angeles, California. They focus on exotic and rare strains found nowhere else in the city.


The general price of Jungle boys

-1 pack of 7g=$50

-3 packs of 7g=$150

-5 packs of 7g=$250

-10 packs of 7g =$400

-20 packs of 7g=$700

Available strains

Mimosa #14
– Mimosa #8
– Mimosa #26
– Strawberry Shortcake
-Purple Punch
– White Wookies
– Purple Punchsicle
– Topanga Canyon OG
–  Jungle Cake
– wedding cake
-sour diesel
-Gelato #33, #41…
-Girl scouts cookies
-Gorilla Glue #4

buy jungle boy weed

Note… The minimum order is 2 packs and pay with bitcoins and get 10% discount.

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  1. Oliver Cron

    up to date, i admire you delivery skills

  2. Jack Qwuan

    Top quality shit bruh Thank you for the fast delivery i recommend .

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